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Hey Alicia!

"Just got back from the 12 week vet check...26.5 pounds!! We got snow last night and he LOVES it!! So funny!! The vet said, "Please tell your breeder that we appreciate the obvious time she put into this puppy in his early weeks. It shows in his temperament and how engaged he is, and how well he listens to you. He is really a pleasant boy! He is doing great!"

WE sure think so too! He is so much fun!

Thanks again!"



Hi Alicia:

After the loss of our pit bull, Dahmino, in March of 2015, our home wasn't the same. My husband then decided that we should get an American Bulldog. I immediately started searching online for a breeder. I came across your website and saw the picture of Savage, and fell in love.

The entire process was a breeze. You were always available when I had questions. You sent updated pictures without us having to ask. The shipping process was also a breeze. We absolutely loveeeeee, Osiris. He is healthy, handsome, full of energy, and completes our family.

Thank you so much!!!!!


The Hood Family


My American Bulldog "Captain" impresses people everywhere he goes! The Vet is impressed with his health and his size. People are impressed with his personality and character. He is growing at an amazing rate and he is house broken and kennel trained. I recommend Alicia and her American Bulldogs to EVERYONE!


Things are REALLY GOOD, Clyde is incredibly smart and so amazingly gentle. He's awesome with our family, he is completely house broken at 7 mos old... and knows all the dumb dog tricks that we've taught him. He was a great family addition and we all love him dearly.
 Thanks, Shannon


"Love this Pup. He's doing great , what a sweet heart he is , easy to train . Great on and off a leash . Loves people and going to the dog park . He's 80 pounds now at 7 mos old. Loves my kids and my kids love him. I'm in love, he's amazing and so intelligent. Great Temperament!"


Dear Alicia & Terry,
We can't begin to express how happy we are with Monty.  He's a great big teddy bear.  He gets along great with our other two dogs, a boxer (his best bud) and miniature poodle who he never rough houses with but is very gentle with him.  His favorite person has to be our daughter Lorynn (she's in the pic with him by the lake).  He is so curious about everything and everyone and just loves being around people.  All of our family and friends absolutely love him too. Thanks again, we can't imagine our lives without him, he truly is a blessing.

The Minter Family


Alicia and Terry,
Thank you so much for everything. From the very first email I sent to the day we picked up Franklin; you and the Wills Family have been outstanding.Your puppy gift bag and thank you card were greatly appreciated. Very thoughtful and southern. My family and I loved it!  I look forward to sharing pictures of our new baby as he grows. I hope he inherits his father Savage's head.  Such a big beautiful pup. I'm excited to watch him mature. Let's see if Franklin can outgrow dad. :}
Take care and all the best,
The Brown Family


I bought Remington from Wills American Bulldogs. He has ended up being more than I could have asked for. He is gentle with my 3 year old son and loves riding in my truck. He listens so well and is learning really fast. Wills family, thank you for a wonderful dog!


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I want to thank Alicia and Terry Wills for my beautiful American Bulldog. Kimber has a vivacious personality, she is very healthy, muscled, sound and has no health issues. That is what you get when you are fortunate enough to get a dog from Wills American Bulldogs! After visiting the Wills home, I never had a concern about getting a puppy from them. All of their animals are very well socialized with the family. Their dogs are so spoiled, they have a climate controlled "dog house" but all the dogs are rotated in the house with the family.I have visited numerous times and Alicia gives her dogs amazing care 24/7. They are in a healthy, clean environment, she goes over and above on their health, vaccines and vetting. I also appreciate the time that she makes herself available to listen to me and answer any questions that I may have. Alicia has been a tremendous help to me! I highly recommend Wills American Bulldogs, their breeding's are  done very selectively to produce the best American Bulldog possible.We are extremely happy with our Kimber, she is perfect and now I am buying my second puppy from them. I am confident that I am getting a healthy, sound pup with excellent breeding and socialization to bring me years of joy.
Thanks, Lynn Johnston


Hi Alicia,

"We wanted to let you know how things are going with Tank! He's only been with us two short weeks, but has become an integral part of our family. His "grandparents" are trying to spoil him, he has Christmas presents already! It took him less than a week to learn how to sit, he's so smart! He loves being around people and never meets a stranger. Can't wait to give you more updates on his progression and growth." 

Matt and Heather 


"I love my Lucy! She can't get enough of Milo from Bella + Purple Haze. My 2nd american bulldog! I adore them both and have made wonderful friends along the way! Alicia you go above & beyond & it shows! 
Thank You!"



"Roxy is a beautiful and intellegent dog. She is very smart and extremely lovable. She has been a blessed addition to our family. Everyday she does or learns something new. She is surely going to be a big baby!!!"



"We are so happy with our puppy."


"He went to the vet and the vet said he was great! Everyone was drooling all over him.

He said he is a great looking dog!

Thanks so much,"


When you get a puppy from Wills American Bulldogs, you just get a lot more. They are raised as part of the Family , not just a business. The support that I have received from Alicia since getting "Rebel" is priceless. And he is an awesome dog ! He loves to swim, sail, and gets along with every other dog he's encountered. Great watch dog but also gentle with children and friends! If you are looking for an American Bull dog ...look no further than Wills American Bulldogs!


"Thanks Wills American Bulldogs for an awesome puppy, he is great with kids and very playful with other dogs. He is stubborn but I think he just takes after his owner. Here is a picture of him on his first hunting trip at about 32-35 lbs. 
He is just a spectator not a hunting dog. "



Alicia was so helpful with helping us with our new puppy. We had been watching their web site for over a year before we got our bulldog. The day that I went to see the puppies Alicia had the runt of the litter in her hands. As soon as I saw her I new she was the one. Alicia kept us informed on the growth process of the puppy weekly. To this day Alicia will follow up with us about Sadie. Now our baby is not a baby anymore, she is 60lbs and almost 8 months. Sadie loves to ride, in the Tahoe she chases the windshield wipers and in the boat she is the captain. Sadie gets so excited when you sing to her, that tail just starts wagging. My son and Sadie are best friends. My son plays football and Sadie loves to juke right along with him. Sadie is such a great and sweet dog. Thank you Alicia!
Trey, Jennifer & Tyler


It has been six weeks since we brought Gene home, and he is already a beloved member of the family.  Friends and strangers alike regularly compliment him on his handsome features, sweet temperament and huge paws!  As an American Bulldog breeder, Alicia conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and integrity.  She knows the American Bulldog breed well, and the fruit of her labors are definitely seen in Gene!  What my husband and I appreciated most about Alicia was her discernment in recommending just the puppy to meet our family's needs and preferences.  With a toddler at home and another baby on the way, we wanted a puppy with a gentle, yet protective, demeanor.  Gene is everything we hoped for, and more!  He and our eighteen-month-old daughter get along great!  Thank you, Alicia, for taking the time to invest in our puppy!

The Bingham Family



Hi, my name is Heidi. I didn't get the pleasure of meeting you in person but my husband Jason tried to surprise me with Shorty, who we now call Chaos. I want to start this off by first thanking you and your family for the time, energy, and attention we can tell you had personally given to Chaos. It was obvious that he had spent most of the first 8wks of his life in your home with your family instead of living and being raised in some big kennel/cage.  We brought him to the vet the morning after you delivered him to us and we were not surprised learn that he was (and still is) in perfect health.  Chaos is our only baby, so he is SPOILED ROTTEN!!!  Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day, he gets his own sausage gravy biscuit from Martins every morning.  He gets bigger and cuter everyday, and so does his personality!! He is extremely friendly and loving to everyone that he comes across, but he has also shown signs of being a good, loyal guard dog. Again, I cannot possibly express how thankful I am to you and your family for blessing us with Chaos (aka Shorty). He has brought so much love and happiness back into our lives! We will continue to keep you posted on Chaos along with pictures so you and your family can see how big and even more beautiful he gets with everyday that passes. 

Love,  Jason, Heidi, and Chaos (aka. Shorty)


"Great lookin dog! Everyone loves him."
The Payne Family


"Hudson has been a wonderful additional to our household. He is so
friendly with all friends, family and children and other pups, I can't
help but attribute it to his fabulous bloodline and breeder's
attention to the pups when they were young. It is so much fun watching
him grow (quickly at that) and seeing his personality blossom. With
his broad chest, strong muscle definition and cute-as-pie face; he is
one good looking dog!"

Mike & Melanie


Our sweet Mojo has been the best puppy!! He's so laid back. He loves everyone and they all love him. He especially loves his big sister Molly (our boxer/pit mix). They are inseparable. He also plays very well with my moms little west highland terrier. He's a big clown and always makes us laugh with his little pouty face. He listens really well, is super smart, and eager to learn. He has never even chewed up anything that's not his. Very rare...I know!! He's an amazing pup!!! The vet was very impressed with his temperament, health, and the level of care that Alicia gives to her pups. She was also amazing during the whole process...corresponding with weekly photos and videos of the puppies...their growth and little milestones. It was awesome!! She spends the first couple of weeks actually sleeping in the room with the puppies. I know that makes such a big difference!! I've never met a more amazing breeder and we will certainly recommend Wills American Bulldogs in the future :)
~ Laura & Eric Bondoc 
Jacksonville FL 

Hi Alicia.

All is well with Captain. He is getting big and Strong. He is still the kids best friend. especially my daughter! Loves playing with her. She does anything and everything to him and he loves every minute of it. He does have a habit of trying to eat things so we need to watch him. Guess we should have known when he ate that Frog as a puppy with you ... Hope all is well! 
Thanks, Rossi family


Bowser came into our family a few months ago and has been the most amazing dog we could have ever asked for.  My 6 year old son looks forward to coming home from school everyday to wrestle in the yard with him.  He has also made a huge impact on our other family dog.  Before bringing Bowser home, he was lonely and just didn't have much personality.  Now the 2 of them are best friends and are inseparable!  Bowser is growing by leaps and bounds and is so well behaved and very healthy!!  I would definitely recommend Wills American Bulldogs to anyone I know. 

Katrina Reed

Thomasville GA


I wanted to let you know that Hammer is doing great. His vet visit went awesome and the vet said he was in perfect health. She was astounded by how clean he was. She said she had never seen a cleaner nor healthier puppy of any breed. I want to thank you for taking the time and talking to me about your dogs and also listening to the stories of my Max that I lost. I already love Hammer to death and he's spoiled rotten!! I will continue to give you progress reports as he's still just a baby. Once again thank you, I appreciate your kindness and care of these babies!!! I can assure you, he is happy and having a blast!

Rick Smith

Thank you very much for the quality of dog you produce! Hammer is probably the best dog that I have ever had. He has a personality all his own and I love him more and more every day. He is a great family dog, yes he will let you know a stranger is around but after he meets someone and I let him know it's ok, he's good to go. He is definitely my best friend. I have a daughter with Downs Syndrome and she and Hammer are in-separable. He watches her every move and is right by her side. I tell him to go check on Jacque and he heads toward her room. When Jacque is outside Hammer is right with her every step she takes. I can't believe that he is 2 years old now. He weighed 103lbs the last time I had him at the Vet. One of these days I'm going to get a female and I know where I'll get her!
Thank you very much for a great friend!
Rick Smith